The Lighthouse

The right path is hard to find.


Let us chosen few

Be as the lighthouse

To guide lonely sailors

To safety and peace

Us who can see

The errors and missteps

In others

Where we may not see them in ourselves

Guide them back to land

With the insight that grows

Ever sharper with age

Carve a path to ordinary greatness

In the actions of others

Don’t let them settle

For mediocrity

TV and a 9 to 5

Where they count the hours

And count the days

Let them learn the craft

Of skilful life architecture

Building a legacy

Of excellence and pride

And help them appreciate

How special it is

To be a human creature

Alive in the age

Of untold technological progress

You only get one chance

One life to live

Friends don’t let friends

Fill their life up with regrets

Be as the lighthouse

Light the way

To safe harbors of the soul

To contentment

To honor

To strength

It will all make waves

In the fabric of society

And be remembered

In the history of the world

Sometimes it’s easy to see a path for friends and co-workers towards a better life while for ourselves the right path is harder to find.

For me there’s something noble about try to help people put of hardship or mediocrity.

Let me be as the lighthouse.

11 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. This is easily your best creation; as always it comes from the depth of your soul. It is your emblem.

    It is beyond good, and I love it. You have a great future in front of you, just follow the Yellow Road, the future beckons !

    Thank you,


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well deserved. I can see a great future for you, also your writings inspire people, and this is very much needed.
        That is why my spiritual posts are breaking all the records of readership. Thank you for reading it.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. It was a pleasure to read, beautiful work, I read some Buddhist stuff on the inside and it was a huge blessing Likewise your progress is well deserved. All the best.


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