One Happy One Sad (1)

With the right attitude everything seems golden.


An honest days hard work

Back home

To a place of my own

Pizza with parents

And a bottle of red

So things could scarcely

Be much better

A new record on the player

Fresh kicks, good jeans and new shirt

Everything in its place

Study starts Monday

And an outside chance

Of a promotion at work

Fountain pen and fresh ink

Comfy double bed

Girls on Tinder

Chats and Lols

Soccer on the weekend

A new laptop in the works

Family making bold moves

Property and retirement

Good books to read

If I ever had the time

Punk rock tunes at work

Punk rock tunes in the car

Staying in touch with my culture

Covid vaccine

Bringing home to the masses

No more trump

So I count m y blessings

And they are as many

As I could ever hope for

Life is beautiful

Thank god I’m alive

To see times such as these

When I think of my life now compared to my life on the inside it’s a truly beautiful thing. While some would be discontent with a life such as mine I count my blessings every day and they are many.

I very nearly lost my life more than once and could have copped a much larger stretch in jail so I feel blessed to be alive and free in the modern world.

It’s easy to take the comforts of the western world for granted but life with the right attitude everything seems golden. That’s the place I am in now and it’s wonderful.

5 thoughts on “One Happy One Sad (1)

  1. Wonderful, the list that spells your appreciation of life and happiness, and that photo. How many people don’t feel grateful to be alive, the way you do is moving. Thank you. Every word you write is inspirational and you should be speaking to children at schools, or to businesses as a speaker that could change the lives of many.

    Good luck with your new studies


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