Spread Light

Let all things good make a home in my head.


I’ve no need to strive for perfection

I’ve no need for senseless hate

Let my revenge at the world

Be the contentment I find

Increasing with every day

Let the dance of life for me

Be effortless as I navigate

A course that knows no strife

Rejoice in my evolution

To fearless resilience

And a strong constitution

Let me find meaning

In the process of learning

New skills and new pathways

The future ever shifting

Let me put people at ease

Spread light and clarity

Kindness and confidence

Finding keys to unlock

The best versions of ourselves

And raise champions from the dust

Saving souls from their vices

For no other reason

Then I’m programmed to help

By the slight of my brothers’ hand

Let romance bloom

In the acceptance of loss

As I look for a new one

As special as the last

Let me make family proud

Who I’ve hurt so much

Let my ego return to

What it was at my best

Let all things good

Find a home in my head

And most of all

Let me give thanks

For the second chances

And for surviving the close calls

Moving forward life could be

Something truly special


I often say the best revenge is to be happy, yet another reason to strive for meaning and content in the modern world.

I seem to be drawn to helping people and I put it down to conditioning as a child by two older brothers. I’ve been raised as a supportive person.

A lot of my work revolves around the concept of gratitude, it’s a big part of my life as I consider myself incredibly lucky to where I am today.

Let all things good make a home in my head.

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