The Battle Fought The War Won

I write a lot about gratitude.


Carefree despite the baggage

That haunts my steps

Sooner or later I have to tell them all

Where I’ve been and what I’ve done

See them accept or see them run

My cross to bare

And I’m strangely at ease with it all

The pain I’ve endured in the past

Make a little rejection seem like nothing

And the lack of joy in my past

Makes the little victories resonate

With heavenly rapture

It could all be worse

I could have lost my life

To the cinder block walls

By my own hand

Or a murderous lifer

But I’m nothing if not patient

And the present continues to heal

The wounds in my tired soul

And I can see

My family and friends

Without glass between us

So every day is a little better

Than the hard years, hard fought

Hard time and hard living

These days

I can finish the day

With a little wine

And a little poetry

A little study

And a little content

That grows like a Bonsai

With tender love and care

I am truly blessed to have today

And tmrw and forever after that

Free as a bird

And healing in the light of

The battle fought and the war won

I write a lot about gratitude, it’s a corner stone of my inner dialogue so it makes sense but I’m think I’m going to aim for something less thoroughly explored in the next few.

It’s a strange process to go through telling people I was recently in jail for a seriously long time, most people are cool with it up to a point but it makes dating a balance between honesty and scaring them away sharing too early.

The Bonsai reference is no accident, I’ve been reading up on looking after them and plan to grow one soon.

Freedom is a beautiful thing.

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