Amplify the good parts of life and mute the bad.


Sometimes music amplifies


So when I work out

I listen to thrash

Sometimes red wine enhances


So when I write poetry

I drink cab sav

Sometimes banter makes work


So when I work

I chase conversation

Sometimes Creedence Clearwater Revival

Helps me bond with Dad

So when I chill with Dad

I listen to Cosmos Factory

Sometimes kicking my feet up

Helps me relax when my mate calls

So when I chat to Mitch

I put my feet up

Life is good

Life is pain

Life is hot and cold

Life is all in the mind

Life is every bit as amazing

As the wildest fiction

Bring on the future

Hope amplifies joy

So I hope and enjoy

Every last drop that is

This elixir we call life

Looking for ways to amplify the good and mute the bad seems like a worthwhile way to spend time.

When you think about everything happening on an average day on earth it’s hard not to be awestruck.

I love sampling what little we can as humans as I plot a course to a kinder way of life.

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