Safe at Sea

Let us all find our way back to dry land.


Every year on the inside

I sent my brother

A drawing or a painting

Of an anchor

Because there’s something about

Being safe at sea

Through the wildest storms

That I hope to build

In my brothers soul

All men can relate

To the lonely sailor

The lost fish hook

The one that got away

And plenty of fish

We all say our prayers

For the men with broken masts

Troubled pasts and broken hearts

And those that never make it

Back to safe harbor

Let us all explore

The depths of the sea

Like the depths of our souls

And stare in awe

At the beauty of safe return

The kraken

And the ruthless sharks

The sea is the subconscious

Full of strange and wonderful creatures

The ship our will

And love the dry land

That beckons us home

May we all find ourselves

Safe and sound

At land and sea

And appreciate the beauty

Of the waves below

And the stars above

Set sail

Live life

And always be

Safe at sea

Due to being locked up the best I could offer my brothers on their birthdays was a drawing or painting. Fascinated by all things nautical as I am, I got in the habit of drawing anchors and sent one each year to my eldest bro.

The sea is a huge source of inspiration for me despite living in a landlocked city, the first trip to the coast post release complete with a swim in the ocean was a beautiful thing.

In the past a lot of my male friends have connected with the lonely sailor aesthetic, let us all find our way back to dry land and safe harbors of the mind.

I’ve included a link to one of my favorite sailor songs by a little known Seattle band appropriately named ‘Sharks Keep Moving’.

Sharks Keep Moving – Sailor – YouTube

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