The Way the Wind Blows

The one thing missing is something that can’t be forced.


Now that I know

The way the wind blows

I can forgive myself

Put shame on the shelf

Move forward with pride

Healed on the inside

Because I find

That a troubled mind

Is in no way rare

And that love can repair

Almost all wounds

So, coming soon

Is a future bright

Full of laughter and light

The pain of the past

Fading fast

Now the world is green

As I look for my queen

The kingdom we build

With potential fulfilled

With make the world jealous

Small town famous

For all the right reasons

A beauty for all seasons

But make no mistake

Life is fragile as fate

It could all wash away

With the whim of the fey

And love is not enough

To heal wounds so rough

I need to be

The best version of me

Kick goals in my world

With my sails unfurled

Show all that had faith

That it wasn’t a waste

And be a champion of men

Like I once was again

Perpetuate excellence

Radiate brilliance

Climb the Everest

Take heart and never rest

The fight beckons

So I choose my weapon

And go down swinging

‘Til kingdom come

I don’t write a lot of rhyming stuff, but I thought I’d try something different and try not to stagnate. The themes are much the same and there’s even a nautical reference so I’m going to endeavor try write some stuff a little different in future.

I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals since I got released, I got the car, the job, the place of my own, and have started studying.

The one thing missing is something that can’t be forced and that is a woman to love and to hold.

One thought on “The Way the Wind Blows

  1. Christo, I enjoyed this poem, beautifully-written and bringing good news. I went 12 years without going on a date after my husband died, so I can relate. I hope you can find someone with whom you have a lot in common. Don’t settle for less! Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s OK to remember Mom too! ❤ All the best!


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