The Beast!

Excuse me I have to feed the beast. 


The beasts voice resonates 

Through this underground chamber 

Asking to feed  

On the blood that is 

My pain 

My soul 

Consuming all that is good 

And real and pure 

In the service of  

A lust for power 

That protects and endangers 

In equal measure 

The beast does it all 

For respect 

For prestige 

For survival 

And to live  

The life less ordinary 

Escaping mediocrity 

At every turn 

A truly terrifying creature 

It is the minotaur 

But I am the matador 

Fearless and free 

From the talons of the beast 

Feed me it cries 

And we heed the call 

Poor fuel on the fire 

Of paradise lost 

Forever and to eternity 

May the tides of luck 

Keep us safe 

As we navigate through the beast’s wrath 

Feed me the beast calls 

And I answer in kind 

With this one I’m endeavoring to write something a little different from the norm. It is partly inspired by an old animated show called Trap Door and partly about the deeper side of my crime and life before jail. 

Now excuse me I have to feed the beast. 

The Trapdoor – Breakfast Time – Bing video 

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