New wave

Sometimes these things come effortlessly.


Everything is ready to launch

What I crave

Is a purpose for my journey

I’m looking for a new wave

Something like:

The early days of punk rock

The San Fran love generation

Soldiers marching off to war

Or cultural movement

Like occupy wall street

And I know

That somewhere in the suburbs of Canberra

There’s a certain kind of alchemy

A new sound or a new attitude

Brewing like my peers

In our golden teenage years

Pull back the covers

On this public service city

And there’s a dozen poets

Playwrights and musicians

Actors, writers, philosophers and dancers

Somewhere in this city

Something new and unique is happening

And I would love to find it

Like striking gold

Or a diamond in the rough

New waves are forming

And I hope I am lucky enough

To be part of something good

In my teenage years I was part of the Canberra punk/hardcore music scene and it was a wealth of creativity and culture that I’m extremely grateful for. I would dearly love to be part of something like that again, not necessarily music but any cultural movement with that kind of unique energy.

Sometimes these things come effortlessly and sometimes they’re hard to find.

I am looking for a new wave.

9 thoughts on “New wave

  1. I think you will find that real-life fulfilment comes from doing something for others, something that would improve their lives for the better. There is such a need for people who are capable of understanding this, that your hunkering for just shallow emergence in some punk or similar involvement seems foolish, as it lead you previously to trouble.

    Read my Literary Series, especially 1, and 2, and 14, 15, and think again.


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    1. Hmm, food for thought, to be honest I’m fatigued with helping people, not to say I’m giving up but I would like to have a sense of fun and community in my life as well as just being the therapist of my friends and co workers. Don’t assume you know anything about my past, my crime had nothing to do with a cultural movement. At the end of the day this poem is just a notion on the endless sea of possibilities, not an immediate change in my life and ethos. Happy to discuss further, you’re wisdom is always valued.


  2. I am not talking about you being a therapist to your friends. Please read the posts I have asked you where you will learn of Albert Schwizer who set up a hospital in Gabon, and others. In Australia, you must have places where children need volunteer help, some animal charities or old people’s homes where a visitor can do wonders for those without families.

    You can still have time to do something that is your interest. It will make you a whole person.


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    1. Hi Joanna, thanks again for your input, I used to volunteer for RSPCA, an animal welfare organisation, it was great but I really am time poor these days. I was thinking about working in the call centre of Lifeline, an Australian suicide prevention hotline and may still do that. Helping others is a great ethos but I also want to enjoy life on my own terms sometimes. Will read your post and let you know if it resonates with me. Take care:)



  3. Interesting and relatable poem. If you cannot find such a movement to join, maybe you will have to help form it yourself. The hippie movement of the sixties was an antiwar movement formed in response to the Vietnam War. Many concerts have been organized to raise money for good causes like feeding hungry people during famines and natural disasters. The folk music era addressed issues such as civil rights, labor relations, the environment, and antiwar. Ivor Steven, a poet on WordPress writes and sells books to raise money for MS research.

    If you look around you, you will see the needs of your community. Some artists or musicians or other creative people may be working to meet those needs. If not, maybe you and some others could hold a concert or art exhibit or publish and sell an anthology to help meet those needs. Maybe the school you are attending hosts events that would interest you.

    I think participating in creative and civic-minded events is also an excellent way to meet people who share your interests.

    Good luck in your quest. I think sharing your poems and art on WordPress is an excellent start! ❤


  4. Christo, I think pursuing your creative interests and joining a community of other creative people is a worthwhile endeavor. It is an opportunity to develop your skills and make friends and girlfriends who share the same interests. WordPress is a good start.

    The hippie movement came into being to protest the Vietnam War. Folk music championed causes like the environment, labor, and antiwar. Famous musicians organize concerts to raise money to feed hungry people during times of famine. Comediens and performing artists put on benefits. Ivor Steven, a WordPress poet publishes a book of poems every year to raise money for MS research.

    Look around your local community to see where the needs are. You may find a group of creative people lending a hand. If not, maybe you can help organize a group. You may find that your school sponsors events such as art exhibits or concerts, or publishes anthologies.

    All the best!

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    1. Thanks Cheryl as always your wisdom is greatly valued;) I’m playing with a few ideas to find the sense of community and purpose I desire. If it can help people as well that would be ideal. Definitely food for thought. Wishing you all the best:)


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