The Warrior

I hope I can find the warrior spirit within me. 


The rugged warrior 

Shoulders his blade 

And walks into new realms of mystery 

The future uncertain 

He carries the weight of the world 

On his massive frame 

Few have seen such horrors as he 

His pain locked in a box 

He buries his past and rises above 

He seeks not violence 

But the safety of home 

A long distant and fading memory 

Of peace and possibility 

But first he must climb 

The Everest that is his path 

A self-inflicted struggle 

To become more than he once was 

And to fulfill the prophecy of his birth 

To bring light to all he touches 

His scars tell a thousand stories 

And it’s true 

They will write stories about him 

With good and evil 

Black and white 

And all the shades in between 

He seeks meaning above all else 

He’s tried everything once 

Kissed the devil and 

Never lost sight 

Of the beauty on offer 

In unexpected places 

There are still battles to fight 

Demons to face 

Hardwork to be done 

And new challenges 

As yet undiscovered 

He shoulders his blade and his burden 

And drifts off 

In to memory of fight 

Pride, passion and patience 

Greets the new day with hope 

And walks ever onwards 

Into the great unknown 

This poem Is a little nod to the fact I am deep down a fantasy nerd.  

I wrote a book in jail about jail and to avoid the guards confiscating it I wrote ‘Orcs and Goblins’ on the front page so they would think I was writing a fantasy epic rather than a warts and all account of life behind bars. 

The idea of a stoic warrior is source of inspiration and is a metaphorical version of the human that I would like to be. 

I hope I can find the warrior spirit within me as I face all the new trials life throws my way. 

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