A Life Worth Living

The past shapes the future.


The fountain of youth is just 

The plethora of possibility 

Found in the past 

Happy memories as a child 

Are a spring that flows forever 

Of self-belief  

And faith in the world 

That we can find our way home 

Sometimes it feels like all is lost 

Cold terror, black misery and death 

But the past reminds us 

That life can be beautiful 

If only we play our cards right 

So put down the remote 

Remember your youth  

Get busy living or get busy dying 

And pray for, hope and help those 

Who never had a happy childhood 

Remind them 

That life isn’t all bad 

The past will always be 

So drink deep from the fountain of youth 

May it guide you 

To a better future 

And a life  

Truly worth living 

I wrote this one as a submission to a poetry anthology with the topic “The Fountain Of Youth”.  

Evidently it wasn’t the sort of thing they were after so I publish here on the blog. 

I truly believe in the power of filling young peoples lives with as much positivity as possible so that they can maintain faith in humanity and themselves when the going inevitably gets tough in adult life. 

The past shapes the future.

4 thoughts on “A Life Worth Living

  1. This is so perfect that is beyond understanding who are the idiots that rejected your work. I am a philologist and specialised in theater and book critic, and I know that you have a great talent. Can you give me, please the details of Australia’s good newspapers and I will write to them about you, and what a discovery your poetry is. Of course, with your permission

    Thank you.



    1. Hi Joanna, thanks again for the kind words.

      So it was:


      I think they wanted something much more traditional.

      That actually sounds amazing, I’m in the process of discovering all kinds of magazines and websites that publish poetry. Im planning to try for some of these and I’m not sure how many Aussie newspapers have a dedicated section for verse but if you feel inspired go for it.

      If you’re really keen I can send a list of major Australian newspapers and their contacts to the address on your site but I don’t expect you to do all the hard work for me.

      Your input is helping me learn a lot. All the best.



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