Black Misery

Sadly, this is true.


For a brief time 

When my sanity was slipping 

I thought that 

Maybe, just maybe 

I had actually died 

On the highway that night 

And what I was experiencing  

Was hell 

As my life got worse and worse 

As I lost my mind 

And everything became 

Cold terror, black misery and death 

As I found myself 

Completely insane 

Facing life 

In the prison psych ward 

I thought it made sense 

Now better in mind 

And cruising towards 

The end of a shorter jail term 

Than you would expect 

I feel like 

I’ve suffered enough 

And have earned a little respite 

Hell is a place on earth 

And I am blessed to have escaped it 

With hope for the future  

And my heart in one piece

I still have a huge amount of stuff I wrote while incarcerated that I haven’t published.  I thought I’d share a little of it while I wait for inspiration to strike for new material. 

Sadly, this is true, I honestly thought that maybe hell is less fire and brimstone and more the worst possible life circumstances. I was in a seriously bad way for a long time and feel incredibly blessed to have recovered to a point that I would tentatively say I’m doing well in life.  

4 thoughts on “Black Misery

  1. Very powerfully and effectively evoked poetry that will actually resonate with others in completely different circumstances. The details of of stories vary enormously but in the final analysis it is all the same story. And part of the one story. The story of humanity
    Very many blessings always


  2. Gorgeous poetry, Christo! ❤ Beautifully expressed. This is such a horrific time of your life, probably nothing in your future can ever be as bad! Truly hell on earth!

    Your view of hell and mine are the same, I think! May we manage to spend most of our days in heaven on earth! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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