The Lucky Country

 It could have been so much worse. 


When I read and watch 

Stories about American jails 

I realize I am truly blessed 

There’s 2.3 million souls 

Mostly doing it tougher than me 

And that’s  not taking into account 

Prisons in third world countries 

But in AMC 

In the minimum-security cottages 

In a single man cell 

With a supportive family 

And the reputation that comes 

From a brutal crime 

I’ve got it better than most 

In prison at least 

I even have a job 

In the jail kitchen 

A radio, a guitar 

And the only jail in Australia 

That allows smoking 

And emails on the prison PC’s 

As if I wasn’t lucky enough 

To get just 6 years 

There’s a tennis court, a gym, a vegie garden 

And all the time in the world  

To work on improving yourself 

Make no mistake 

Australia is the lucky country 

And I’m the luckiest man 

In this whole damn town 

The quality of life in Australian prisons is probably up there with some of the best in the world with the exception of possibly some Scandinavian countries. 

The AMC is a fairly new jail, the alternative if I had broken the law 7 years earlier would be Goulburn jail, a place that breeds horror stories and dramas and carries a very real threat of getting stood over, stabbed or bullied.  

AMC is far from perfect but I’m fully conscience that it could have been so much worse. 

2 thoughts on “The Lucky Country

  1. Yes, you are very lucky, Christo! Looks almost like a college campus! I was on a tour of a prison in California in 1990 that was quite similar to what you have described in your well-written poem.

    Each state in the US has its own prison system. Some of them are pretty bad! Now being phased out are a few infamous privatized prisons. The corporations that run these prisons are under contract with the state. They are run to make a profit, so they spend the minimum amount of money possible on the prisoners. I am glad they have been abolished!

    All the best as you make a good life for yourself! ❤ Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Cheryl, interesting stuff, it’s strange that a better quality of prison actually reduces recidivism.

      As always I count my blessings, definitely something wrong when a country has such a high number of convicts. I’ve heard it said that all the black men in jail working for a few dollars is a kind of new wave of slavery.

      Food for thought anyway, best wishes:)



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