Never Give Up

Give thanks for that little crumb of happiness.


Acquiesce to the rapturous nature  

Of freedom from jail 

Of freedom from failure 

As life improves every day 

As I gather pace  

Ine the modern rat race 

Let positivity prevail 

Let life unwind  

In the best possible way 

Let life be kind 

A mountain of work 

Toil that’s welcome 

For the ripe reward  

That soon enough beckons 

Too much of everything 

Making my heart sing 

Myriad possibilities 

All better than 

Any given day 

In the local town pen 

The funhouse behind me  

I see what’s ahead of me 

A plethora of pathways  

A symphony of the best of me 

So welcome each new day 

With gratitude and energy 

Welcome each new face 

As a potential 






Or partner in crime 

Welcome creativity  

Hope that it flows 

So my story  

The whole world knows 

Acquiesce to the rapturous nature  

Of life on earth 

And you’ll never fail 

If you never give up 


To be honest I’m having a little writers block, I put it down to a level of content in my life that has stifled my creativity… And possibly that I’ve run out of wine. No art without pain, for me at least, so what else is there but to give thanks for that little crumb of happiness that would be disappointing for most but for me is truly beautiful. 

I’m still mining the work I did in jail and will post some more of them whilst I wait for fresh inspiration. 

8 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Inspiration comes from reading – if you read about the writers, their work, and the extracts in my Literary Series, you would pick up some ideas. Australia, the landscape, the animals,…

    Thank you for reading about Swamiji.



    1. I love how assertive you are, inspires me to lift my game, will definitely read more of your stuff as time permits. Thanks for your thoughts, take care.


  2. An uplifting poem, Christo. ❤

    Most writers experience blocks. It's hard for me to write on command. I keep a list of ideas for future poems and write down ideas when they come to me. Often I wake up, sometimes in the middle of the night, with poems on my mind. I draft them down before I lose them and finish them later when I have time. Generally, I find it helpful to let drafts rest for a day or so and come back to revise and edit them.

    Take time to relax and do something that inspires you. All the best!


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