Revolving door

The concept of the career crim, is still alive and kicking. 


A mate went home today 

They call him The Levitator 

Andf my name being what it is 

They call me The Navigator 

The ‘Gator’ and the ‘Tator’ 

He’s a metal head 

And I’m a punk 

So we can agree 

On loud guitars 

And pounding drums 

A career crim  

He’s done hard time 

In and out for years 

But he says this time 

Will be different 

I ask him where 

He sees himself in five years 

And now he’s talking  

About jobs and saving 

For a decent car 

For a decent life 


So wish him luck 

He’s better than this place 

A son unique 

And an experiment 

In brain washing convicts 

In to going straight  

And making a better life

The Levitator was in and out a few times during my stay, probably one of the best mates I made on the inside. I’m not really sure why but I always felt compelled to instill some drive towards a better life than in and out of jail, especially in friends. He’s probably back in jail right now but maybe in time will find a better path. 

The recidivism rate in Australia is probably better than many countries but I’ve seen many repeat offenders throwing their lives away. I feel that I did my part to help the situation in a few inmates but the responsibly really ends with the government and jail management. 

The concept of the career crim, is still alive and kicking.  

3 thoughts on “Revolving door

    1. Thanks Cheryl, it can only be a good thing to habitually help others, I believe in a common sense definition of karma, the positive energy we put into the world comes back to us twofold. All the best:)


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