The Light Of All That’s Good

I once had a vivid dream about a mighty wooden boat.


The vessel is being rebuilt 

The paradise lost 

With the sinking of a mighty ship 

Is giving way to new beginnings 

New frequencies and approaches 

The wooden boathouse 

That vanished in my dreams 

Left a blueprint 

For future greatness 

So, we toil learn and engineer 

The next chapter to be 

A better ship than ever before 

And maybe it’s not true 

That the sharks always win 

We could evade them 

Without incurring their wrath 

A fresh start on the horizon 

The freedom to be  

Whoever we want to be 

An identity strong 

Adaptive and passionate 

In all the right things 

And it’s true 

This path is fragile 

The powers that be 

May not shine on me 

But there’s room for hope 

It’s not unrealistic to believe 

That the adventure that is life 

Could be happy and carefree 

The apple isle beckons 

Pray I make it one piece 

That life opens up  

Like the sweetest flower 

That life ripens up 

Like the sweetest berry 

That life is content 

Like the first taste of freedom 

That we all grow and evolve 

Into better versions of ourselves 

Find peace 

Find calm 

Sing and dance and play 

In the glow of life’s potential 

In the light of all that’s good 

This one is a throwback to a poem I wrote prior to being locked up, it’s about recapturing the good things in life that I once thought were lost forever. I once had a vivid dream about a mighty wooden boat that vanished, it was about losing freedom and everything good in my life. I feel like this grand vessel is being rebuilt in my psyche. 

I’m looking into the possibly of moving to Tasmania later in the year, it would be a fresh start that seems like an incredibly rewarding life choice. 

It’s a fragile notion that could be derailed by my parole officer but for now It’s filling me with hope for the future. 

7 thoughts on “The Light Of All That’s Good

  1. I do hope that your parol officer reads your poems. They are written with your heart and there is no mistaking their sincerity.

    Like all others, this poem is movingly beautiful. Thank you.

    Tasmania? Its exotic beauty will inspire your writing.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Joanna, Tasmania is an amazing place that punches above it’s weight in character and culture, I think I’ll love it if it all goes ahead.

      I’ve told my parole officer about the blog but I don’t think she’s checked it out yet.

      Thanks again for the kind words, all the best.



    1. Thanks Cheryl, if half of what I dream of comes true I’ll be a happy man. May your own hopes dreams come to fruition, you’re a lovey person that deserves to be happy🙂


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