A Like Minded Soul

I have a serious aversion to mediocrity. 


Let me find wisdom 

In unexpected places 

Let me find meaning 

In the world of the battler 

The addict and the dealer 

We all have our vices 

And everyone has something to offer 

Some information worth knowing 

Everyone is good at something 

The work on cars, fish like pros 

Tinker and fix things 

Skate, Surf and Snowboard 

Lift weights, play music 

And some of the truly strange ones 

Write books and poetry 

The only thing I fear in this world 

Is mediocrity 

To be a suburban TV addict 

Watching reruns of sitcoms 

That were garbage to begin with 

To cure this potential future 

I have my very own version  

Of catholic guilt 

Where spending time unproductively 

Makes me squirm and shudder 

So, I write, hit the gym  

And sip cab sav 

Looking for inspiration 

That often eludes me 

The goal is 

To do what I love  

More than not 

To share this world 

With a likeminded soul 

To make my family proud 

And walk with pride 

These things are not 


So, I love life 

With all its flaws  

And celebrate all of 

The potential futures 

In this life of mine 

I really do have a serious aversion to mediocrity. There’s a whole legion of everyday people that work, come home, watch TV and go to bed. Perhaps they are the happy ones but it feels like an empty lifestyle to me.  

Sometimes I take my eye off the ball and have to remind myself to stay hungry for improvements to the life I’m living but mostly my work ethic is good. 

I’m also a firm believer that everyone is good at something and everyone can teach you something, I find it endlessly rewarding picking the brains of workmates and friends about all kinds of knowledge and wisdom. 

5 thoughts on “A Like Minded Soul

  1. I love every single word you have written today, especially the word ‘mediocrity’ as it is my pet hate too.
    The poem is excellent and profoundly right; we can learn from everybody something, including animals.

    Thank you.


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    1. Thanks again Joanna, glad you can relate, I couldn’t imagine a life without dreaming of greater things. I think it’s a good mindset being on the lookout for what you can learn from all sorts of people, have an awesome day, take care:)



  2. Christo, I can so relate to this post! Wanting my life to be more than watching TV, I started part-time night school at the age of 26..with a job and family. I became a teacher at age 40 and completed my Master’s degree while teaching full time and helping to care for my quadriplegic husband. I have always tried to learn from every person I met and every experience. I made a lot of unconventional choices along the way, which didn’t make me rich, but gave me a very interesting and fulfilling life. My life has been full of challenges, love, and joy! No regrets!

    Wishing you continued success as you pursue your goals! ❤

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    1. Thanks Cheryl, that’s incredible that you accomplished so much while having a lot on your plate. Everyone has a story to tell and yours seems like one of heart and perseverance.

      May you continue to greet all life’s challenges with such an excellent attitude.

      Best wishes,


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