The Butterfly Effect

Tiny actions in the present could completely transform your future. 


I once had a friend 

Who told me he had a cousin 

That earned $80,000 a year 

Playing drums 

On a cruise ship band 

Talented drummer that I was 

That humble little conversation 

It inspired me to study music 

At the Australian National University 

Just having a degree 

Got me a public service job 

Which in turn got me the coin 

To travel overseas to Europe 

Which led me to Paris 

And a love affair with the great city 

That still remains today 

It’s incredible to think 

That a simple comment 

Like the butterfly effect 

Can shape your world 

For the rest of your life 

I can easily recall 

Half a dozen such moments; 

A friend had keys to a warehouse 

Where we practiced our music 

That led me to rent 

A warehouse of my own 

Where I learned more in a year  

That in the ten before 

A girl I chased just for fun 

Became a 5-year obsession 

And nearly became my wife 

At 9 years of age a friend’s older brother 

Played in a band 

Which instilled in me,  

A love of music 

That has defined my life 

Pray that you can recognize these moments 

And that they lead you down a path less painful 

Than my own 

And beware 

The choices you make today 

Could shape your future for the rest of your life 


One of the features of doing time is you have endless hours to think about where you went wrong and what choices led you astray. Looking back, it was moments that seemed inconsequential at the time that shaped my life path into what it was. 

It’s both scary and exciting to me that tiny actions in the present could completely transform your future.  

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