What do you want to be remembered for? 


Inspiration and perspiration 

Work hard to reach your destination 

The call of paradise and sweet delight 

Beckons us into the night 

Driving home on my own 

To my throne I’m in the zone 

To acknowledge the blessings 

Of first world wealth 

To love with gratitude 

Our continued good health 

Plenty of everything 

And everything in place 

The trials of life 

Written on my face 

Keep Mum sweet 

Make Dad proud 

Find my feet and say out loud 

Life is beautiful 

Life is bliss 

Life is as profound 

As a very first kiss 

Souls get born into the world 

Souls go home into the next 

Still looking for that special girl 

Still working hard to be my best 

Give thanks 

Be real 

Never give up 

Go through this world like superman 

Live and die like a champion  

Eternity will remember everything


I don’t do much rhyming stuff but this one felt right.  

I think a lot about the fact that everything you do and even what you don’t do will be part of the history of the world and indeed the universe for eternity. The question is what do you want to be remembered for? 

What do you want to be your impact on this amazing world? 

8 thoughts on “Superman

  1. A profoundly evocative question, beautifully presented and expressed. For me, it was always filling the need to help others, including animals, to be of service. Only now I can write, and perhaps, I will have enough time to leave something of interest behind.

    Thank you.


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