A Little Less Cruel

We do our best to navigate the problems at hand 



In my neck of the woods 

We all live lives  

Of quiet tragedy 

Some more than others it’s true 

But spend long enough on planet earth 

And something will go wrong 

Pray you have the strength 

To negotiate hardship 

Trauma and turmoil 

When the devil strikes 

Because no matter who you are 

Things can fall apart 

In a heart beat 

In a day 

In a year 

And some get so down 

They choose to end it 

So that it takes hard work 

To forgive humanity 

To love this imperfect world 

With all its flaws 

And it’s also true  

That once in a blue moon 

A man or woman finds peace 

Epiphany, Euphoria and Ecstasy 

Even for just a moment 

And that knowing these states are possible 

Can get you through 

And keep the wolves at bay 

Mum said:  

Life is 95% hard work 

And 5% really lovely… 

Dad said:  

Grind on through thick and thin 

Even if you’re dead to the world. 

So, we work hard  

And strive everyday 

To find  

Something worthwhile 

Something meaningful 

Something true 

To make this journey  

A little less cruel 


When I look at my peers, mates from work and mates from jail it seems like everyone is battling to keep their head above the surface. Many of them struggle with addiction, mental health issues, homelessness and violence. 

There are probably some walks of life where existence isn’t such a struggle and I fully intend to find them. 

For now, we just do our best to navigate the problems at hand. 

11 thoughts on “A Little Less Cruel

  1. Yes, you got it! There many people who are not affected by your list of calamities, who always look on the bright side of things and find pleasure in looking at “real” beauty around them before going to work. If you have a garden yours or close by, look inside a rose or a flower and you will find a sleeping ladybird, it will make you smile, and that will be the best start to your day.

    The world isn’t a horrible place and you can improve the things you don’t like. Also, if possible keep away from people who when walking into the room seem to switch the light off.

    PS Poem excellent, as always.


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