Beautiful people, beautiful souls. 


The girls all looked stunning 

Dressed up for a wedding 

We wore flowers in our hair 

That day at the catacombs 

And in a lucky turn of events 

A volcano in Iceland erupted 

And all the planes were grounded for a week  

Oh, what a shame 

We had to remain 

Another week  

In a bed and breakfast 

Not far from the Vatican 

My best mate 

And my favorite girl 

With nothing to do 

But explore a majestic city 

Eat, drink and be merry 

In the glow that only comes 

From old friends from brighter days 

The bride was well liked 

And the groom was forgiven 

For a little mincing in his gait 

Oh yes, 

The girls all looked stunning 

How blessed we were 

To have such radiant company 

I’ve never laughed so hard 

Or felt as sharp 

As on that trip 

Now it remains a reminder 

That fate sometimes smiles on us 

And can be kind as well as cruel 

The girls all looked stunning 

It won’t ever happen that way again 

But the memory  

Is a treasure for life 


Whilst I was locked up I had access to a guitar for a while, I wrote some songs and this poem is a reworking of the lyrics of one of those songs. 

A very long time ago I was blessed enough to go to an old friend’s wedding in Rome. It was a little window of happiness in an otherwise painful decade and serves as a reminder that it’s not all doom and gloom. 

The photo is an actual photo from the wedding, beautiful people, beautiful souls. 

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