Tranquil Thoughts

Our lives in the future are shaped by the ideas and actions in the present


The navigator plots a course 

To greener pastures forever more 

Better people, better places, better life 

The sweetest taste of effort rewarded 

As hard work the furnace 

Satisfies where vice falls short 

As all the troubles of the past 

Drift away in the light 

Of future possibility 

6 long years 

Of mental preparation 

To run the marathon 

Of a life well lived 

And it doesn’t come easy 

Nothing worth doing ever does 

So I shoulder my burden 

And walk through the snow 

To the highest mountain 

To the river of truth 

To the forest of death 

And the cities of hope 

God bless us all  

The ones who finally realize 

The miracle of our existence 

And the potential that life brings 

Work hard, have fun 

Stay true and make the most 

Of the plethora of potential lives to live 

May we scatter the seeds  

Of ideas worth thinking 

And let them shade us all 

With tranquil thoughts 


As cliché as it sounds, I’m all about 5-year plans, I have a clear idea of where I’d like to be and what I’d like to be doing down the track. I’m starting from scratch working in a waste management facility driving a forklift but I’m studying graphic design and would love to start my own business when I know how. 

The goal is to be surrounded by positive, creative people and to be doing something I love. We spend so much of our time at work that I don’t want to spend it watching the clock and living for the weekend. 

Our lives in the future are shaped by the ideas and actions in the present, in jail they called me the navigator, so I plot a course to a life well lived. 

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