Something New

Float on and live without despair. 


Something fresh 

Something new 

The next chapter 

Of a heart that’s true 

Work hard as always 

Live for the weekend 

Solace and meaning 

As I eliminate weakness 

Demons everywhere 

 I avoid them like the plague 

Traps and falsehoods 

The fucked-up bed I’ve made 

Cos it’s hard on the outside 

To steer clear of your vices 

When your peers are the cream 

Of the criminal classes 

It’s hard to find work  

With a criminal record 

It’s hard to find friends 

As a thirty-four-year-old adult 

But I’ll wait patiently  

For things to change 

Look for the best in me 

In this world so strange 

Cos this is the greatest 

Show on earth 

Existence in the present world 

The miracle of your birth 

We have enough to eat 

A rood over our heads 

Technology and wonder 

A warm cozy bed 

So give thanks for our blessings 

Give thanks for our time 

We are given on earth 

And the meaning we find 

No matter how hard it gets 

It can all float away 

Never give up 

Tomorow’s a new day 


I’ve been having a break from the poetry, partly to focus on my studies and career prospects and partly that I feel I have said everything that’s on my mind already. I don’t do a lot of rhyming stuff but this one felt natural. 

Life after incarceration is full of challenges, finding work and figuring out when to tell a date about my past are often a struggle. Somehow, I manage to float on and live without despairing or losing hope. 

3 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Hi, Christo, I am glad that you are progressing with your career and generally with life. This poem, like all your poems, is honest and inspirational. I know that you are not going to like my comment but if you are no longer involved with the criminal fraternity, you should drop the worse of the swear word, F word. Otherwise it will mark you forever as an uncouth man, and I don’t think that is your aspiration. Those who need to swear don’t know enough English words to make their point.

    Good luck with your studies.



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