A Fortress Inside

Every day is better than the day before.


A glowing gem 

Of a brand-new day 

And everything that could possibly happen 

Is happening somewhere 

A shining diamond 

Of a treasured friend 

Lightens up the landscape of my soul 

A golden light 

As love unravels 

Leaving a void to be filled 

With fresh adoration 

I don’t have to ask 

For the joy that is 

Every day easier than the last 

I don’t have to ask 

For the joy that is 

My family to be proud 

As I forge on 

The black sheep 

The wayward soul 

The wild one 

And the prodigal son… 

Is turning a corner 

Is finally come good 

And nothing is truly perfect 

So accept all that is 

Be stoic and brave 

When the hardship strikes 

The universe will remember you 

As one who fought and won 

The toughest battles 

Of your generation 

Of your society

Be a rock 

Stand tall 

And when the demons come knocking 

Answer with strength and purpose 

That your life was never forfeit 

A fortress inside  

That nothing can defeat 

I’ve been through some tough times and I think it’s made me strong and resilient in a way that only serious hardship can. If I think about how my mind works and the determination I have, compared to who I was in my early twenties I never would have thought I would be the kind of person I am today. There is still much work to be done but I nurse a little pride for where I am in life.

Everyday gets better than the day before.  

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