My Cozy Den

Existence is truly a special thing. 


Delight in the night 

Downtime and daydreams 

In my cozy den 

Where I dance with the pen 

The creative one 

My cross to bear 

And my badge of pride 

That I may be remembered  

For words that remain 

Positive against the odds 

As courageous golden laughter 

Permeates the depths of our souls 

That we may be so bold 

To smile through the heartache 

In the morning mist 

I search for meaning 

Like it’s a lost dog 

A one in a million chance 

That I may salvage 

A little kindness and content 

From the world around me 

That sits stubborn as a rock 

But I’m a patient man 

Strong as an ox 

In my own way 

So I mine this modern life 

For the healing light of contentment 

Some days are good 

Some days are rough 

But never waste a drop 

Of this elixir that is 

Life in the modern world 

And existence itself 


As tough as the days are trying to prove myself at the new job, the evenings are bliss. Without doing anything too special I am in a remarkably good headspace when I’m just chilling at home.  

Trying to recapture something approaching the happiness of youth is proving tough and maybe I never will, but I am determined to fight hard for something better than just getting by. At the end of the day I feel blessed to have been given a life, free to live to the best of my ability.

Existence is truly a special thing. 

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