The Warrior Caste

Fight hard for the things you love. 


When the pen hits the paper 

It’ll be sensational 

When ideas start to bloom  

It’ll be bloody biblical 

When the red wine flows 

It’ll take me home 

On my own to my throne 

Where I focus on the zone 

Concentrate on my zen 

At ease with the pen 

As my soul seeps South 

Through the words from my mouth 

Explosions of thought 

Synapses firing 

New pathways 

Breaking habits 

Finding meaning 

Finding solace 

Like the warrior flawless 

Willaim Wallace 

Only free from dying 

Not dying for freedom 

Free from lying 

And lying to free them 

The way forward 

The way of the sword and 

For me the path 

Is the warrior caste 

Fighting hard  

Fighting well 

Cos life is hell 

But when the pen hits the paper 

It’ll all be fine by me 


This one was fun to write, aided by several glasses of red wine and an enjoyable weekend. 

If modern life is war be a warrior worthy of the challenge, fight hard for the things you love and wage war on a sea of troubles.  

Don’t settle for less than a life worth remembering. 

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