Safe Harbor

The stars navigating us towards home is just my kind of thing. 


Lost at sea 

Was the cinderblock walls 

Back to dry land 

Was the first kiss of freedom 

At war with the kraken 

Is to be haunted by 

The ghost of what could have been 

Like a broken sailor 

In the back of the bar 

I nurse my wounds 

And venture forth with courage 

To the next chapter 

That I easily could have missed 

The white whale haunts me 

And I never found my Brandy 

Such a fine girl 

What a good wife she would be 

So now I curse the sea 

For the scars on my soul 

For the ash in my mouth 

And the loss of control 

To shape my own destiny 

Every move colored black 

By the weight of the world 

By the things left unsaid 

By the endless parade  

Of regret and remorse 

The sea was merciless 

Now the solace of safe harbor 

Is tainted by the memory 

Of things destined for the grave 

We fight the sharks in our dreams 

And broken sailors 

Learn to find peace 

In the healing of virtue 

Of time spent lost in tranquil thoughts 

I’ve always loved nautical metaphors, the idea of an anchor meaning steady at sea, a lighthouse warning people against danger and the stars navigating us towards home is just my kind of thing. 

A good friend put me on to a podcast about sea shantys and whale song and it resonated with me in a lovely way. I plan to write more nautical stuff in the coming weeks. 

5 thoughts on “Safe Harbor

  1. I also love the sea metaphors, and the poem is splendid. Thank you. This Saturday, if you look up my post, it has quotations from you, with acknowledgment of your name and post.

    It is wonderful to know how well you are doing, well deserved.


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