The Beauty Inside

The miracle of life for me is that anything works as well as it does.


The complexity of life 

Is truly mind blowing 

7.8 billion humans 

And each one of the billions of cells 

Found in each human body 

Is far more complex 

Than the largest super computer 

Let the synapses  

Of my brain  

Fire again 

Let the beauty inside 

Remind me that when 

All hope is lost 

No matter the cost 

Life is amazing! 

The dramas that dance chaos 

Through the calm of our souls 

Is a reminder that 

We are a flawed species 

Life could be heaven  

Life could be bliss 

If we could evolve past the instinct 

To make war, to practice evil 

To turn on our fellow man 

Share a smile for good 

Shed a tear for the bad 

And be completely surprised 

As am I 

That anything in this world 

Works as well as it does 


This is all common knowledge but maybe it doesn’t hurt to think about from time to time. 

I remember reading some years ago that 1 in 5 of people will experience depression in their life. It’s probably increased since then but I find it completely astonishing that most people won’t. Who are these people that are routinely happy their whole lives? 

The miracle of life for me is that anything works as well as it does, the supply chain, city infrastructure, buildings mostly not falling down. It blows my mind that we are so close to having things sorted and so far at the same time.  

Pray you are one of the lucky few who have a smooth ride through this world and know if you don’t it will only make you stronger. 

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