Sailors Song

We are all at the mercy of the sea. 


Softly I sing 

My sailors song 

It’s both happy and sad 

Roaring and soft 

Proud yet humble 

Dashing yet shy 

I sing it to the stars 

That they might remember me 

As more than a rogue 

As more than a black sheep 

The melody is mysterious 

The rhythm is bleak 

And the overall theme 

Is what could have been 

So sing with me fellow sailors 

That it might ease our woes 

That it might remind us 

Of love lost and love found 

Of the sweet taste of freedom 

And the finer moments in life 

Oh yes,  

My sailors song 

Could bring a tear to the eye 

For the good and the bad 

And remind us all 

That we are at the mercy of the sea 

Forever beholden  

To the wind and the waves 

That know no mercy 

That care not for our souls 

Sail on, sail strong 

And never give in 

To despair 

To desperation 

To despondency and doubt 

Let my song guide you 

To calm seas and dry land 

Another nautical one that was fun to write. If I put my story to song, I’m confident it would make the listener happy and sad in equal measure.  

I try to be the sort of person that helps people back from the metaphorical high seas and dramas in life.  

At the end of the day, we are all at the mercy of the sea. 

9 thoughts on “Sailors Song

  1. Fantastic!!
    Ever heard of “Sailorman’s Hymn” by Kamelot? This beautiful poem reminds me of this acoustic melody. Check it out sometime 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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