Kindness and Comradery

Life is a breathtaking miracle.


Relax, you’re in a dream 

In the soothing waters 

Of companionship and content 

Let my words guide you 

Get inside you and heal 

Any and all pain,  

Any drama that remains 

Feel the prisons of the mind 

Come crumbling, tumbling down 

Feel the fear and apprehension 

Dissolve in the light 

Of love, kindness and comradery 

For we are all brothers and sisters 

Every life connected 

And every action resonates 

For years down the line 

Take pride in your decisions 

Make your choices sing 

Like a bird that brightens the day 

And the joy that nature brings 

Build your tower of thought 

Into a mighty fortress 

Where all are welcome 

To feel sanguine and safe 

Forgive yourself 

For things you’d rather forget 

Love yourself completely 

And be forever at peace 

We’ll all float on 

Til it’s our time to go 

We all make mistakes 

And mistakes help us grow 

Stand firm young apprentice 

Be strong, be fearless 

Life will challenge you  

Life will test you 

Life will surprise you 

Life will reward you 

Life is.. 


Mind blowing  


So give thanks and enjoy 

Forever until the end 


I realized that my last post was a little depressing so I thought I’d balance it out with some positive energy. I hope this poem is a balm for anyone doing it tough and pours some goodness into the world. 

Sometimes it helps to remember that life is a breathtaking miracle, unfathomably vast and complex and full of great beauty as well as great sadness. 

At the end of the day what’s left but to give thanks and enjoy your time on planet Earth. 

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