Faith was rewarded when I made it to freedom. 


Something fierce 

Is in my soul 

They said I would die in there 

In the cinder block walls 

And I believed it too 

All hope was lost 

But something inside 

Just wouldn’t quit 

That certain something 

Call it resilience of spirit 

Kept me alive 

Through days darker 

Than most will ever know 

They both feared and respected me 

For the brutality of my crime 

Only other lifers 

Dared test my resolve 

And I never did cry 

The truth is some do 

And never say die 

Became my attitude 

As the days, weeks months, years 

Passed by in the worst kind of way 

Meaningless suffering 

My bread and butter 

But something inside 

Just wouldn’t die 

Things got easier 

The truth is they sometimes do 

And like Andy Du Frey 

I made it through the river of pain 

And into freedom again 

Where something in my soul 

Keeps me from despair 

And I drink deeply  

From the nectar that is  

Facing each day 

As a free man once again 

One of the first things said to me when I got locked up was ‘you’ll die in here’. I was in the Crisis Support Unit on suicide watch with severe mental health problems facing a lengthy stay in the slammer.  

I could have ended my own life then and there but something in my soul was holding on to hope. That faith was rewarded when I got a manageable sentence and again when I made it out to freedom.  

The only positive from facing such dark days is that little dramas just seem laughable in the context of my life experiences as a whole. 

Never give up.

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