Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. 


It was a risk 

When he threw the first punch 

The biggest guy in the yard 

The meanest too 

It was damned if you do 

Damned if you don’t 

Let it slide and he would look weak 

Take action and risk a beating 

Instinct took over 

Caught the bully off guard 

Throwing haymakers for a few 

Powerful moments 

Connecting with some 

Then easing off 

Surprised himself 

That his temper had flared 

Jail politics kicked in 

They couldn’t fight in the yard 

Had to go to a cell 

Where the screws can’t see 

In truth it was the last thing 

The lad wanted to do 

Locked in a confined space 

With a 6’4″psychopathic lifer 

But the risk if he didn’t 

Get moved to strict protection 

With the rock spiders and dogs 

So, he manned up 

Entered the cell and locked the door 

Took a beating 

Blood splattered up the wall 

The violence done 

A strange comradery emerges 

Between combatants 

A trip to the hospital 

A week in confinement 

And just another day 

In the life of a convict 


This is a true story, the protagonist is myself and the lifer someone I did a lot of time with and would later call a mate. 

It was strange, after the fight I got a lot more respect and inmates that had never given me the time of day wanted to buddy on. 

I find that anticipation of a fight is worse than the actual thing, the only real down side was explaining a black eye to my family at visits. 

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. 

12 thoughts on “Lifer

    1. Thanks mate, I think it was the right course of action in the context of where I was. And yes indeed, I’m always grateful to be a free man once again😀


    1. Yep it’s a true story, nothing unusual in jail to be honest. I’m sure your not a coward, we all just play the cards we’re dealt. Thanks heaps for reading brother. All the best:)

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