God bless the modern-day kings and queens of the realm. 


The king of the realm 

Must be fearless, 

Thoughtful and strong 

Ruthless and wise 

It’s not about being the fastest 

The strongest or the smartest 

Though he is all those things 

What makes him king is his mentality, 

It’s not enough to just be the king 

He must feel like the king 

Live like the king 

Dream like the king 

The realm deserves 

A ruler that loves 

His people and his power 

Does not lament the lack  

Of ordinary anonymity 

But thrives on conquest 

And defense of his subjects 

His knights  

Are the loyal sword of his will 

And through them he rules 

With fortitude and valor 

There are those 

That would seek to overthrow 

Poison and clandestine daggers 

Haunt his steps 

But he is cunning 

Rewards loyalty with wealth 

Status and finery 

So that there is always someone 

Looking over his shoulder 

He carries a weight  

In his actions that is 

A blessing and a curse 

But his life is a celebration 

Of all that can be 

So God bless the regent 

And the wisdom he brings 

To wield power isn’t easy 

And all hail the king 


This one was a response to a prompt, largely inspired by the movie ‘The Gentleman’, the book ‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli and a random Mike Tyson quote. 

It’s a little different from my usual stuff but I hope it is welcomed for being so.  

God bless the modern-day kings and queens of the realm.


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