Reds Release

 A little spark of goodness. 


It was Reds discharge 

The name they give  

To a beating administered 

The day before release 

A jail tradition 

Brutal and barbaric… 

As word got around 

Beloved as he was 

The yard put him through hell 

“You ready for your discharge mate?” 

He was visibly shaken 

When the hour came 

They packed into his cell 

To his immense credit 

He faced it well, 

Shaped up 

Ready for the fight 

They said “It’s time” 

And in a gesture 

I’ll never forget 

Instead of a black eye 

They gave him a group hug 

Sometimes jail can surprise you 

God bless those boys 

God bless Red 

God bless us all 

That made it through 

With a memory or two 

That shows it’s not all 

Doom and gloom 

This is a true story; Red was a good friend of mine and probably the funniest person I ever met locked up without being a clown. The whole thing shows that there is at least a little spark of goodness in an otherwise hostile and volatile place.  

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