Charles Bukowski

Every Friday I share a poem that I love and that inspires me. Today it’s Bukowski who taught me that poetry doesn’t have to be pretty and rhyming.

I’ve read a lot his poetry and this is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Would love to know your thoughts on the poem and Bukowski in general.

8 thoughts on “Charles Bukowski

  1. I love Bukowski’s work and I love this poem; will help me with a poem I’m working on, one I want to toughen up but still to let the bluebird sing 🙂 more please 🙂 magnificent!!!!!


    1. Ah true, he’s definitely hit or miss. There’s a lot of his stuff I don’t like, but some that really grabs me. Cool to know your thoughts. Take care



  2. A dirty, filthy genius he was, right. I have so many of his books and return to them often, I find the grittiness grounding. And his humor sometimes sparkles through, even his sweetness at times, I have found to be tender and sincere. He had a way all his own, raunchy and larger-than-life…. a way of seeing things and expressing them so very piercingly. Things most people never looked at – he got up close to. One of my favorites for sure. 🙂 Sorry for the ramble, Bukowski gets me every time. I am really enjoying your works, thanks so much for checking out some of mine.

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    1. Thanks for your msg, he is definitely polarising, people either love him or hate him. He taught me that poetry doesn’t have to be pretty and rhyming and was slightly inspiring loving women the way he did even as an old man. My favourite quote is “what mattered most is how you walk through the fire”, these are truly words that I live by. All the best:)


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