High Seas Clothing

Followers of this blog will notice I haven’t been posting poetry for some time. The truth is I’ve said everything I wanted to say..

It’s in my nature to stay industrious though so for a while I was drawing and now I’m launching an online store selling unique nautical themed t-shirts…

The first of many designs to come:

Unique Nautical Sea Lion Sailor Design T-shirt | Etsy


“High Seas Clothing is project all about finding dry land safe harbor in the sea of life. A lighthouse is a mate guiding others to safety, an anchor is to be safe at sea and a broken sailor is a mate who’s down on his luck. We encourage you to find meaning where you can in the nautical aesthetic and pray you keep safe from the sharks and the storms.” 

Wish me luck on this new venture, I’d love to hear from you so let me know your thoughts, good and bad on this new direction..


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