Anchors Part 3

The anchor is symbol with many different meanings..

Stability: it represents the stable part of the human being.

“People with high emotional stability have greater control over their emotions and are not easily affected by life’s problems or setbacks. Their feelings are more stable, they have a realistic approach to life. They are also patient, calm, persevering, and trustworthy. This emotional stability can be compared to the calm waters of the sea, as opposed to storms and strong waves. No doubt the anchor will allow us to reach those calm waters, and stay in them.

Emotionally mature and stable people have an excellent ability to manage their emotions and plan their lives. They can resist their impulses, and function in a flexible, yet controlled manner. They know how to face reality without fleeing it, as the anchor confronts the storm yet remains stable and firm.

The anchor is sometimes shaken hard by the tides. But even if it moves because of this, it soon regains its stability and keeps the boat from moving away from where it is safe.”

-Pablo Barrantes

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