Something Different

I’ve been taking a break from poetry, mostly because I have been relatively content. For me no pain no poetry is certainly the case. Corona is raging again in my city of Canberra, Australia so being locked in I’ve found myself with a lot of spare time. At some point I got inspired to doContinue reading “Something Different”

Guest Post

I am stoked to say that one of my poems, ‘Breathe Deep, Seek Peace’ is featured on Ashley O’Melias blog. You can check it out here: Ashley O’Melia, Author | A garden of wild thoughts in straight little rows If you enjoy the poem or Ashley’s site leave a comment and let us know.

Reds Release

 A little spark of goodness.  20/07/2021  It was Reds discharge  The name they give   To a beating administered  The day before release  A jail tradition  Brutal and barbaric…  As word got around  Beloved as he was  The yard put him through hell  “You ready for your discharge mate?”  He was visibly shaken  When the hour came  They packed intoContinue reading “Reds Release”


God bless the modern-day kings and queens of the realm.  18/7/2021  The king of the realm  Must be fearless,  Thoughtful and strong  Ruthless and wise  It’s not about being the fastest  The strongest or the smartest  Though he is all those things  What makes him king is his mentality,  It’s not enough to just beContinue reading “Realm”


Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.  17/07/2021  It was a risk  When he threw the first punch  The biggest guy in the yard  The meanest too  It was damned if you do  Damned if you don’t  Let it slide and he would look weak  Take action and risk a beating  Instinct took over  Caught theContinue reading “Lifer”