Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

When my time comes Let me be healthy, wealthy and wise Let me proud But not ruled by pride Let me be handsome On the in and the outside Let me show love With no remorse Let me stay Right on course Let me laugh Without the nervous grin Let me be safe Let meContinue reading “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”

Black Hearts

It seems that everywhere I’m surrounded By black hearts As us horrible menfolk                   So twisted by the pain Of modern life Wage war on the world Not caring who we hurt Or how we live in the eyes of others On our bloody decent into hell And it’s not just where I find myself InContinue reading “Black Hearts”

The Hearts of Young Men

Welcome to the cruel world hotel Where dreams go to die Blackened and dead My soul in ruins Rotting in maximum security With the bottom of the barrel Our humble cities refuse Groundhog day On the worst day of your life Stress and violence Fight or flight situations Standovers and bashings Another dog banished ToContinue reading “The Hearts of Young Men”