Beautiful Thing

Wish me luck I must be doing something right As the quality of life improves The quality of my art declines Because it’s true what they say That art is pain That we bleed onto the page With our troubled souls and troubled ways – So that when the pain dries up A truly beautifulContinue reading “Beautiful Thing”

Modern Life Is War

I’m ready for anything. 27/09/2020 Superb the glory Of a milestone reached And a flawless victory Over the devil of life 6 months no issues And a life well lived In the eye of the storm So that all the chaos Never bites – If modern life is war Consider me a soldier Ready toContinue reading “Modern Life Is War”

1000 Lanterns

Somewhere, somehow there a people living blessedly beautiful lives. 24/9/2020 Every day on planet earth There is more beauty Than one could hope to see In a thousand lifetimes – Every day on planet earth Someone falls in love in Paris A thousand heroes suffer in silence To give their kids the best possible startContinue reading “1000 Lanterns”

Seeds of Hope

Sharing life skills and knowledge that helps improve our existence is a beautiful thing. 23/9/2020 I like to plant Seeds of hope In the minds of my peers So that when the times get tough They have something to look at With their minds eye That is positive and sustaining It’s my goal That theseContinue reading “Seeds of Hope”

Colour and Sound (Eternity)

An explosion of colour and sound I open my mind and the world falls in Everything and nothing all at once Apply the golden filter And catch the best this wild world Has to offer The future is now And what an exquisite gift A human body and mind To plot through the malaise TheContinue reading “Colour and Sound (Eternity)”