Draw the line

Try everything once. 13/7/2019 I’ve tried just about every drug Weed, Ecstasy, Mushrooms Acid, Cocaine, Ice But I draw the line At heroin I’ve listened to just about every genre Punk, Rock, Rap Jazz, Country, Classical But I draw the line At opera I’m too posh for jail Too jail for posh But I likeContinue reading “Draw the line”

Stars Above

Next time I’ll do everything perfectly. 24/11/2019 Just imagine That all that light was illumination The dance of time, no hesitation To weave our souls into A tapestry of life so true That all the pain is washed away With a perfect kiss on a perfect day Golden ribbons on the best surprise Of noContinue reading “Stars Above”

Black Mystery

I have faith in my intuition to guide me to calm waters. 17/9/2018 As far as the eye can see All ahead is black mystery and death I trust intuition to see me through The survival instinct strong in me I know at all times what I must do And a dogged evil haunts meContinue reading “Black Mystery”

The Light in the Tunnel

Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone 9/8/2018 My time on the inside is passing by And I can start to see the light At the end of the tunnel And while some learn To love these walls For me every step is agony And that light Looks so brilliant and true That I simply can’tContinue reading “The Light in the Tunnel”

Oxygen Knowledge

Everyone has some wisdom to offer. 21/8/2020 Serpentine the lizard Winds North to the great unknown The serpent of solitude Embraces the freedom Of an empty house And the march of progress In all aspects of life Leads to new and unexpected delights Every man has a story to tell Every man has something they’reContinue reading “Oxygen Knowledge”

Suit of Armor

After a while nothing shocks you. 27/12/2018 Not too much gets to me here I’ve grown thick skin Each day in hell It gets a little tougher Indifference my suit of armor And my heart rate stays the same When the screws come running Or the ambulance arrives You learn not to expect Anything otherContinue reading “Suit of Armor”