Time Thieves

TV to me is time thievery

Of the worst kind

Stealing precious minutes

That could be spent





And any number

Of useful things

The sound of canned laughter

Makes my nerves shudder

A rerun or a sitcom

Tastes like poison to me

And I wonder how

So many spend their precious time

Glued to the box

Fodder for advertisers

To peddle their wares

That we don’t really need

And I’m human

I watched a little game of thrones

But now the only thing I can stomach

Is rugby league on a Friday night

Cos I know my Dad will be watching

Oh that I should some day

Have as much time

As the TV addicts

That I can spend

Doing anything other

Than watching TV

Desperate Men

Somebody save them

These desperate men

Trapped in the vicious cycle

Of addiction, crime and jail

They live to use and use to live

Until they can’t afford it

Turn to crime to get their fix

Serve they’re time when they get nicked

And do it all again and again

Until the inside wears them down

And spits them out at middle age

To make their way in a world

They’ve hardly known

And what could be worse

For those who like to live fast

Girls, money, drugs and cars

To be locked in a box

Away from it all

With nothing but time

And nothing to fill it

Not living just coping

Waiting and hoping

A skerrick of ice

Comes their way

Somebody save them

These desperate men

Who can’t help themselves

To break the cycle

Of losing everything

To the walls they grow to love

Old Clocks

The Levitator

Is a curious creature

He floats in the air

With an eerie humming noise

But he can only float

If he feels no one is watching

You have to tread carefully

And if you’re lucky

You’ll catch a glimpse

Of the ‘Tator;

Tinkering away

At old clocks

He has more scars

Than anyone I know

And loves

A nice big shot of crystal meth

To start the day

Floating away


With old clocks

Infinity Overhead

Running sets my soul on fire

In a quiet way as I perspire

Setting my mind into chemical balance

As I glide effortlessly with the perfect sky

And the imperfect world

Infinity overhead it all drifts away

And I know, today is a good day

Every mile covered is a smile recovered

Every stride I make is a chance I take

And I pay no mind as the cruel and horrible sea

Rages on, my stride long, my mind strong

Without it I’m lost, adrift and restless

And when I run I always stress less

Sore legs, bad weather, drowsy

Power on feeling free

Dopamine my reward, fitness my flame

I power on through all the pain

Of freedom lost, the ultimate cost of the mind I lost

And back in the day I was lost in nature

As I hit my peak and watched the city lights

The only good thing in my life

Punk tunes in as it hits the crescendo

I’d put on a sprint and ride the tempo

Now I run in a cage as I count down the days

Til that perfect path, song, sneaker and view

All I can say, when I reach the pearly gates

I’ll be jogging through

Die Young

The future is never clear

And it’s a possibility

That I will die young

Before life has truly begun

So I say, with a hint of irony

That should this be the case

Scatter my ashes at the place

Where I found peace when I was meek

The old skate park in Weston Creek

Whose curves I know better than a lover

The thought of carving those bowls

Lulls me to sleep when my mind is at ease

And once, when I was in a state of despair

I walked in to heart of the concrete

And written on the walls was the note

‘Love will save your soul’

Those words have stayed with me

And speak about the camaraderie

I found at night underneath the bright lights

Just kick and push and feel alright

So if I reach an early end

Take me to my sweetest friend

And scatter my ashes at Weston Creek skate park

Quaint Little Towns

Sometimes life’s alright

And little moments can mean so much

And stay with us through thick and thin

Once I spent a week with a lover

At a beach house on the North Coast

We spent the time making love

Swimming and exploring

Quaint little towns

Where we mixed with the locals

On the last day

After a swim and something to eat

We just sat down

On a park bench

And watched the trucks on the highway

Go rumbling passed

For a few fleeting moments

Everything was filled

With a deep sense of meaning

And in that moment

We were ok with the world

I haven’t felt that way in a long time

But I catch glimpses of it

Out the corner of my minds eye

And I know I’ll find it again

Somewhere in the fabric of freedom

And life will be beautiful


Lately I’m a workhorse

A real Clydesdale

Burning the midnight oil

In my temple of Zen

In a river of chaos

From days beginning to end

I’m hard at it

Not a moment wasted

As I charge towards

Polymath status

Even at rest

I’m planning ahead

Making the most of spare moments

To gear myself towards

The sweet taste of success

Of my own definition

Not money or fame

But mastery of my world

Surrounded by love and affection

And some may scoff

At my poetry and prose

But I’m building my world

Present and future

Exercising my mind

Executing my aims

Rounding off the jagged edges

Of a cruel fate

The gaze of misfortune

Without which I may never had dreamed

Of the kind of world I seek to build

And never trained my mind and body

To drive hard at the good in life

I might have been still adrift

Achieving little but misery

Now I’m a locomotive

A real juggernaut on a collision course

With the world, my oyster, my challenge

That will make me, break me

Or sing sweetly to me

As I craft, write, think, compose,

Train, build and graft

On towards infinity

So It Goes

So it goes

That misery flows

Into the river of life

Far and wide

And no one is safe

For rich and for poor

Things get real

With ruthless regularity

Cancer, hunger, divorce

Starving in Palestine

Rotting in jail

Starving in Yemen

Living in squalor

The devil finds a way

Into every nook and cranny

So steal a moments peace

Whenever you get the chance

Cherish your health

And little hints of happiness

As all things pass

Mighty and meek

What’s here today

Is gone tomorrow

So take what good

You can find

And nurture it

Like your life

Depends on it

And pray as you walk

Blindly through the forest of time

You find the river of truth

Beauty and all things good

And when misery comes your way

Prey you have what it takes

To fight it off and live

With honor and grit

As we ride full steam

Into the future, into the abyss

Into all that this life could be

Nice to be alive

One life, one shot

We do what we can

To make the most

Of our time on planet earth

We each get a human body

To pilot through the chaos

It’s important to look after it

Keep it fed and watered

Warm and safe

It’s your greatest asset

To shape your world

Into a contentment creation machine

Nourish your body

Keep learning

Keep striving

Stay patient

And work hard

And you may find

It can be nice

To simply be alive


I often think

Either women are crazy

To love us men

Or us men are geniuses

To make them love us

Man the destroyer

Man the warmonger

The power hungry

The source of untold violence

We are born wicked

And still they shower us

With kindness and kisses

If women had any sense

They’d stick to their own

Only giving us the time of day

When they want to breed

Women the nurturer

The life giver

The source of untold beauty

Oh how we trick them

Into giving us love

And I’m guilty

I want all the love

They have to offer

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