Perks of Paris

In the city of lights

As day becomes night

In the home of the Michelin star

Produce gathered from near and far

Finds its way to palate and plate

Of those who live with a kinder fate

But it’s not in the restaurants I find my prey

On a bustling sidewalk but not a café

What I crave is sweeter

Than the most exotic of meats

I talk of course

Of the might force

Of the humble crepe

I’m dirty on a crepe

The way the French make

Lemon, butter, sugar

Or the local favorite; Nutella

It makes my heart sing

When I find this thing

On a cobblestone road

Let’s do it, let’s go

To Paris once more

That place I adore

Where a troubled man

Is never far from a crepe

Tea and Sympathy

A long time ago

During a night out drinking

Three thugs put me in hospital

For looking at them the wring way

And while I waited at home

For my bruised face to heal

The girl I loved a the time

Brought me a gift

Of tea and sympathy

And colored the whole incident

In a new light

Of being endlessly grateful

To the family and friends

That showed support

In the hospital and beyond

I would later find out

That those three thugs

Killed a man in similar circumstances

On a night out in the city

They got off on self defense

But I’m sure they started it

So I count myself lucky

That all I got for my troubles

Was a sweet memory

Of tea and sympathy

It Gets Better

In my darkest days

When suicide

Through some enormous misfortune

Seem the logical choice

I wish someone

Had said to me

What I know now

That it gets better

That all things pass

And weathering the storm

Will only make you stronger

And yes I believe

In the right to choose

Bit I wish someone

Had told Rowan from Perth

That better days were ahead

Things may get worse

Before they get better

But if I knew that these days

In all their imperfection

Would come to pass

I never would have

Given it a second thought

It gets better

Well Laid Plans

I have faith

In well laid plans

And I feel like

There’s nothing I can’t overcome

Someone once told me

‘Your feet are magnets for the ground’

I put one foot in front of the other

And let nothing stop me

From making my mark on eternity

One of beauty and positivity

For we get just one chance

To dance with consciousness

So what could be better?

Than to be relentless

In making the most of it

And spreading that light to others

I put one foot in front of the other

And walk through the fire

Like a man that feels no pain

And plan ahead

While staying true to the moment

It’s all I can do

To make the most of time on planet earth


I’ve lived in a share house

I’ve lived in a warehouse

I’ve lived at my mothers house

I’ve lived at my fathers house

But nowhere I’ve lived was so sweet

As a bookstore in Paris, the city of lights

Working by day and reading by night

On beds nestled amongst the shelves

Where we worked on our books

And we worked on ourselves

They called us the tumbleweeds

Back packers and expats in need

Who aspired to be writers

Poets and freedom fighters

Where we chased off the gypsies

And fought of a drunk

Where we met the eccentric owner

And walked his dog

In the Paris twilight

On the edge of the Latin Quarter

A stones throw from the Seine

Now I study my French

As I count down the days

Til I can go back

TO my tumbleweed ways

The Quiet Life

On the outside

With my peers

I’m the wild one

In here

With my peers

I’m the mild one

Out there I would skateboard

Play drums in punk bands

Take drugs and womanize

I always say

‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’

‘Which leaves you plenty of options’

On the inside

I’m a book worm

Always reading and writing

And I often play

A little game I call

‘Minding my own fucking business’

One fight

In five years

Has to be

Some sort of record

And I haven’t touched contraband

In over a year

In the future

Who knows how I will see myself

Hard time behind me

I will embrace the quiet life


One thing I’ve learned in time

That winning is the easy part

It’s the losing that’s hard

When things are going right

It feel effortless, natural even

And when things hid the skids

Every moment is a struggle

The trick is

To direct that struggle

Towards the good times

And plot and plan

Like a game of chess

Until you are the master

Of your world

Not the pawn of circumstances

Some win without graft

But more often than not

The gem of success

Starts with a struggle

To hammer out your world

Like a wise blacksmith

Take heart

It can happen

When least expected

Maybe from a different direction

Than you are staring at

Just hold on

And catch the right waves

And life will open up to you

Like a golden flower

Blessed Earth

Some say:

Life’s a river

Turns the boulders in your soul

Into stones, then pebbles then dust

And so it is with me

That the pain I know

Is fading with time

Love lost

Freedom lost

And the longest line

Cease to burn

A hole in my heart

If only because I know

That this time of ashes

Will come to an end

Before I’m old and grey

So let time shape

This existence into something more

Than just surviving

And let bloom the flowers

Of joy and content

That we may walk

On blessed earth

The Ancient Owl

The groover

The windy mover

Sips the jungle juice

Gyrates to psychedelic rhythms

As the ancient owl

Ponders the preposterousness

Of pilfered pepper

In the jail kitchens

The light seeps in

The winners grin

And the losers sin

As the big black clock of time

Beats a steady rhythm

Of hours lost

Grinding through the mists of time

To find a new path

One that doesn’t read so grim

Weak become heroes

Losers have a win

And we all regret

And wonder what could have been

If only we knew better

Than to dance out of time

With the harmony of all things

Beg forgiveness

And be the story

That read less like pulp

And more like poetry

The Gift

Life is beautiful

I know this to be true

And like the protagonist

In ‘War and Peace’

It’s taken hard time

Hitting rock bottom

And suffering

To see it clearly

And so it’s with gratitude

That I greet each day

And thank my lucky stars

That in didn’t end

In the depths of despair

All those years ago

Now I see

This amazing phenomenon

Of being a conscious being

With thought and body and soul

As a rare and beautiful gift

To be treasured and cherished

Life’s a gift

Make the most of it

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