The Melting Snow

The weather of time is merciless

I’m snowed under

Can’t live can’t move

Can’t go outside

The storm was an animal

A bull in the ring

And I survived

By the skin of my teeth

Now the worst is over

Spring is on the horizon

And as those first tentative rays

Of the heavenly sun

Send their loving warmth

To the scorched earth of my soul

The snow starts to melt

New life floods the plains

Shoots of green, flowers of blue

The colours of paradise

And the confines of this cage

Rust and tearaway

As freedom presents itself

Like a ripe fruit

And the hunger subsides

The burning and longing

Sing to the sweet sound

Of melting snow

True North

Time and will move mountains

And I have plenty of both

Combine it with freedom

And the architecture of heaven

Begins to form

And oh the rapture

Of this delicious mixture

A life to fill

With whatever I will

So I dream big

Without attachment

And look forward to the journey

More than the destination

As I plot my entry

In to the world of my passions

And it’s true

That life sinks its teeth into everyone

So that where I end up

May not be where I planned

But a skillful sailor

Makes the most of the ocean

And keeps spiritual true north

Squarely in sight

So wish me luck

As I hurtle through time and space

To that precious moment

When life begins again

And the language of my dreams

Becomes the story of my life


Unwind the mind

To find the right design

To pass the time

The folly of words

The folly of worlds


Comes with concentration

Shining a light

On all that exists

Beyond the mists

Of my narrow world

Let me see

What there is to see

Beyond the prison walls

In the infinite possibilities

That come with freedom

Let my mind wander

To snow in a forest

The rhythm of the ocean waves

The smiles

The styles

And the faces

Of the grateful

And all the beauty

Of this amazing planet

Oh yes, I’ll savor every piece

Of this folly that is life

The Hearts of Young Men

Welcome to the cruel world hotel

Where dreams go to die

Blackened and dead

My soul in ruins

Rotting in maximum security

With the bottom of the barrel

Our humble cities refuse

Groundhog day

On the worst day of your life

Stress and violence

Fight or flight situations

Standovers and bashings

Another dog banished

To the yard of the putrid ones

No internet

No Netflix

No Spotify

No Facebook

Just hours and hours

Of daytime TV

And my mind too shattered

To read a good book

Don’t be misled

When they call it the funhouse

It’s naught but a cruel irony

And while some love the walls

The safety of routine

A roof over their head

And three meals a day

If we’re honest with ourselves

It’s just the black misery

Of time stolen

From the hearts of young men

Throw Down

Every day I think to myself

I can’t wait

To punch on with life

And win

To stare god in the face

And say I held stronger

Than everything he could throw at me

I’m still here through the terror

The torment and the trials

And I’m better than ever

Strong mind, strong body

Strong will to wrestle

Whatever life sends my way

So I train for the fight of my life

Accepting nothing less

Than pure happiness

My revenge at evil

To be happer than the devil

I want to punch on with life

And win

The Good Fight

I fight the good fight

Always reaching for the light

Of harmony in all things

At breakneck speed I fulfil the need

To reach for shadows in the mist

And hunt down that elusive bliss

 That comes from only purpose found

My feet steady anchored to the ground

Tame the butterfly with a lullaby

And kiss my dopamine with your tears

Like melting snow we lose our fears

Grip it and rip it and dive right in

We’re better than we’ve ever been

When the stars align and it’s our time

By my fuel as I inspire

By my fuel and feed my fire

I’ve paved the way to wash away

Our past at last now time to play

I fight the good fight every day

To find the good and make it stay

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