The Promised Land

Never lose sight of how it could’ve been.  19/6/2021  Strange Days   Always  Angels and Demons  Push and pull  Good men ruined  By addiction  Depression  Mediocrity  Deep in thought  I remember to be  Just happy to be  A free man  With a job  With a place  And a few good friends  I bought records today  ImagineContinue reading “The Promised Land”

A Little Less Cruel

We do our best to navigate the problems at hand  15/03/2021  Somehow  In my neck of the woods  We all live lives   Of quiet tragedy  Some more than others it’s true  But spend long enough on planet earth  And something will go wrong  Pray you have the strength  To negotiate hardship  Trauma and turmoil  When the devil strikes  Because noContinue reading “A Little Less Cruel”

Draw the line

Try everything once. 13/7/2019 I’ve tried just about every drug Weed, Ecstasy, Mushrooms Acid, Cocaine, Ice But I draw the line At heroin I’ve listened to just about every genre Punk, Rock, Rap Jazz, Country, Classical But I draw the line At opera I’m too posh for jail Too jail for posh But I likeContinue reading “Draw the line”

The Right Design

Every day of freedom is a good day. 2018 Unwind the mind to find the right design To articulate with my paper mate What goes on down below It’s obscene in the world of the fiend A river of self-inflicted misery As chemical chains corrupt the brain And I die inside a little each timeContinue reading “The Right Design”

The Gronks

Bad teeth, bad tattoos, bad haircuts, bad people. 01/07/2019 …and here come the gronks Some are missing teeth Some have black teeth And some have no teeth One’s missing a pinky One’s missing a thumb One’s missing a soul Some have unfinished tattoos Some have misspelt tattoos And some have tattoos that say ‘Fuck theContinue reading “The Gronks”

Broken Men

Sometimes I feel like giving up On helping crims break the cycle You load them up with good intentions Fresh pathways and plans To come good and give it up This mugs game we call jail And you watch as they all come back The first time The second time And forever onwards Their bestContinue reading “Broken Men”

The World At large

16/08/2018 When I’m not looking in my own backyard Sometimes I look at the world And it breaks my heart to think That misery is the river of the world The horrible things that us menfolk do Are a blight on the mark We leave for eternity And it pains me that So precious aContinue reading “The World At large”

Wasted Youth

15/11/2019 I don’t know why But I try to save them I see them come and go The revolving door Staggering rate of recidivism So I ask them Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Most haven’t ever thought about it Living in the moment No time for consequences I see them As theyContinue reading “Wasted Youth”