Those who follow my poetry know I’m heavily interested in nautical metaphors and the idea of a lighthouse keeping weary sailors from harm is a favorite. With that in mind this is my latest foray into visual art while the poetry sits on the shelf. Keen to hear your thoughts, criticism and suggestions to helpContinue reading “Lighthouse”

Something Different

I’ve been taking a break from poetry, mostly because I have been relatively content. For me no pain no poetry is certainly the case. Corona is raging again in my city of Canberra, Australia so being locked in I’ve found myself with a lot of spare time. At some point I got inspired to doContinue reading “Something Different”

New wave

Sometimes these things come effortlessly. 15/02/2021 Everything is ready to launch What I crave Is a purpose for my journey I’m looking for a new wave Something like: The early days of punk rock The San Fran love generation Soldiers marching off to war Or cultural movement Like occupy wall street And I know ThatContinue reading “New wave”

Wolf Blood

There’s only one letter Separating ‘Autistic’ and ‘Artistic’ There’ something in that And my family call me ‘The Creative One’ Maybe I was doomed from the start Destined for madness The Van Gogh of the neighbourhood Bohemia and tears They say ‘Art is Pain’ So I bleed on the page Croon away on the 6Continue reading “Wolf Blood”