The Truth My Love

I still think about her often. 6.1.2019 The truth is my love That I would look for you In the eyes of other women – And the truth is We were much too young When our love blossomed and grew Into an everyday miracle Of something truly special And we didn’t know what we hadContinue reading “The Truth My Love”

1000 Lanterns

Somewhere, somehow there a people living blessedly beautiful lives. 24/9/2020 Every day on planet earth There is more beauty Than one could hope to see In a thousand lifetimes – Every day on planet earth Someone falls in love in Paris A thousand heroes suffer in silence To give their kids the best possible startContinue reading “1000 Lanterns”

Sausage Fest

Bring on the beautiful women, god knows I deserve them. 13/10/2019 One thing about prison That no one tells you That should be obvious Is that it’s the worst Sausage fest on earth All the wonderful things About the fairer sex Are completely absent We live without love No affection and light And almost everyContinue reading “Sausage Fest”

Make Light

Those days in Rome with flowers in our hair remind me just magical life can be. 20/8/2018 As if I’ve been cursed The last ten years have been a nightmare With a few small islands of happiness The keep hope alive None shine brighter Than three weeks in Rome For a good friends wedding TheContinue reading “Make Light”

Ghost of You

I dreamed of her for ten years and it was always heartbreaking. 13/09/2018 My life is haunted By the ghost of you Who took my soul In the palm of your hand And through no fault of your own Led me to ruin I fell for you When you fell away And when I toldContinue reading “Ghost of You”

Souls Entwined

Another precious thing jail took from me. 26/06/2019 God bless Your luminous virtuosity In the language of the soul Your diaphanous aura Ethereal your glow Your magnanimous spirit So softly I hear it Calling me home No longer alone Ancient your virtue An archetype of perfection The feminine goddess The life giver The life raftContinue reading “Souls Entwined”

The Beautiful Girls

One thing they don’t tell you about Is that women on the scene are a scarce, There are a few female screws, But they: Rarely chat, Have husbands Are old or overweight There’s the case managers A few times a year And one psychologist That was just my type But they’re all business and aloofContinue reading “The Beautiful Girls”