What do you want to be remembered for?  03/2021  Inspiration and perspiration  Work hard to reach your destination  The call of paradise and sweet delight  Beckons us into the night  Driving home on my own  To my throne I’m in the zone  To acknowledge the blessings  Of first world wealth  To love with gratitude  Our continued good health  PlentyContinue reading “Superman”

The Sweetest Fruit on the Vine

I hope I never lose sight of how special freedom really is. 09/09/2020 Freedom blooms Like the sweetest fruit on the vine As life opens up Like the finest champagne And god knows I’ve earned my taste Of the nectar of everyday paradise Future echoes Resonate sweetly Deeds done today Grow exponential In the qualityContinue reading “The Sweetest Fruit on the Vine”

Flawed Species

The miracle is that anything works at all, 17/08/2020 Freedom is bliss The world so vast That every possible permutation Of life has happened And is happening now Truth really is Stranger than fiction And too much reality Can break a strong man down Seeing things clearly Is a precursor To depression and bitterness SoContinue reading “Flawed Species”


15/11/2019 Freedom is bliss It must be I guess To walk the town No ghosts in my tracks To spend quality time With family, friends, females No time limit No watchful screws And the creature comforts Cars, clothes, cologne Real coffee Real cigarettes A real gym with real weights Real jobs and real mates AlcoholContinue reading “Bliss”

Better days

11/10/2019 I like to investigate The quality of my existence The first 20 years were sound Some kids hated school I had the time of my life Proud to be a ‘D’ student First kiss, first blowjob, first fuck It seems only fair That the next ten years should be A slow descent into hellContinue reading “Better days”