New wave

Sometimes these things come effortlessly. 15/02/2021 Everything is ready to launch What I crave Is a purpose for my journey I’m looking for a new wave Something like: The early days of punk rock The San Fran love generation Soldiers marching off to war Or cultural movement Like occupy wall street And I know ThatContinue reading “New wave”

Missed the boat

16/07/2018 Here’s how it happened In a train station in Okayama In the pouring rain I told her I loved her And she didn’t say anything Just started kissing my face My lips, my forehead, my eyes That morning I had cried For the first time in adult life With a scotch hangover And aContinue reading “Missed the boat”

Colour and Sound (Eternity)

An explosion of colour and sound I open my mind and the world falls in Everything and nothing all at once Apply the golden filter And catch the best this wild world Has to offer The future is now And what an exquisite gift A human body and mind To plot through the malaise TheContinue reading “Colour and Sound (Eternity)”

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

When my time comes Let me be healthy, wealthy and wise Let me proud But not ruled by pride Let me be handsome On the in and the outside Let me show love With no remorse Let me stay Right on course Let me laugh Without the nervous grin Let me be safe Let meContinue reading “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”