What do you want to be remembered for?  03/2021  Inspiration and perspiration  Work hard to reach your destination  The call of paradise and sweet delight  Beckons us into the night  Driving home on my own  To my throne I’m in the zone  To acknowledge the blessings  Of first world wealth  To love with gratitude  Our continued good health  PlentyContinue reading “Superman”

Cherish each day

Every one has a champion within them, I want to draw it out of everyone I meet. 12/8/2020 Let the synapses fire Let me have things to say Let me embrace the night So I appreciate the day Confidence is king Haste without bad deeds Getting things done With blistering speed My will and bodyContinue reading “Cherish each day”


29/09/2019 It’s true of everyone That everything could be different A thousand little choices Led us to be Where we are now We could have been cowboys My brothers and I But a logistical problem Stopped us moving to the country And riding horses near Grafton If we kept the baby When my friend withContinue reading “Cowboys”